Would Your Dog Survive A Fire?

V fire stn The latest government statistics for accidental fires states that there were 39,600 dwelling fires in Great Britain in 2013-14. The latest PDSA PAW Report cited that 24% of the population owns one or more dogs.

Thus if 24% of the households that suffered a fire in 2014 had one dog, 9,504 dogs would have been at risk. Furthermore, the government states that “41% of fire-related deaths in Great Britain were caused by the victim being overcome by gas, smoke or toxic fumes.”

Of course, we should all take precautions to avoid a fire starting in the first place, but in the event that it does, a new campaign Smokey Paws is raising funds to ensure that all fire applicances carry pet oxygen masks.

You can make a donation on their website or even raise funds for your local fire station to purchase masks.

You could make all the difference to a dog surviving the devastation of fire.

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