Dog Days Of A Dying Government

Dog days pf a dying government As the remnants of the outgoing government struggle to accrue support ahead of next month’s general election, they have ditched the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) Bill (farmers don’t pull in enough potential votes) in favour of the populist Pet Abduction Act.

Of course, both would be preferable.

The Kept Animals Bill was abandoned a year ago with the promise that individual legislation would be passed to cover its remit that could have protected billions of animals. That was after huge amounts of promises were broken with the abandonment of much of the 2021 Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

Companion animal abduction is rife and devastating for those affected. But then again, so it the harm caused to livestock by dogs. Perhaps we could have had both had the government not wasted so much time on yet more knee-jerk and totally ineffective legislation banning XL bullies.

Of course, livestock attacks and much theft are preventable with responsible ownership, including proper training and not leaving dogs unattended or with poor recall.


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