The world in which we live has changed out of all recognition in the last half a century and dogs have been as affected as much as people.

The way that we breed, care for and just live with dogs has a profound impact on their welfare.

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We can improve the welfare of dogs by being well informed when choosing and buying a dog and by ensuring that we do not fuel the trade in puppy farmed dogs or add to the burden of rescue centres by making purchases that are later regretted.

Breeding and Buying

The way that dogs are bred and sold is at the heart of dog welfare. Potential owners can have a major affect on the quality of life of dogs by undertaking as much research as possible before buying a dog. Alas, too many people buy on looks alone, from dubious sources,  and rely on sentiment to guide them….Read more

Pedigree Dogs

So you want to buy a pedigree dog? Many people buy a pedigree dog because they feel that they “know what they are getting” in terms of size and temperament. However, it is worth bearing in mind that few, if any, breeders prioritise temperament over looks when breeding, and many will retain their “best” dogs for breeding and the show ring…Read more 

Rescue Dogs

Want to help a dog find its “forever home”? Rescue centres are full to bursting with rejected dogs and hundreds are being imported from abroad, so it may seem better to re-home rather than buy a purpose-bred dog. Rescue dogs can make wonderful companions and rescue centres can be a good source of cross-breed dogs. There are several factors that should be taken into account before approaching a centre…Read more

Pro-Active Health
Everyone wants a healthy, happy dog. Feeding a dog the correct diet is just one aspect of maintaining good health. Pro-active care is as important for our dogs as it it for humans and includes dental care, neutering, worming and vaccinations…Read more


We believe that dogs should be fed a diet that is suitable for their age and condition. Pet food manufacturers should make it easier to for owners to understand the real ingredients of their food. Owners should be held to account for abusing their dogs by mis-feeding…Read more

Dog Walkers

Every dog owner needs help at some point with house sitting or walking their dog. It is sensible to accustom every dog to being away from its owner, either being looked after in its own home or elsewhere, as even the most home-loving of owners may suffer an emergency and need their dog to be attended to. Rather than panic and take the first offer in a crisis, it is well to establish trust with a dog walker/sitter in advance as worrying about your dog will only add to the stress of an emergency…Read more

Donating to the Pet Blood Bank

Advances in veterinary medicine have enabled dogs to live full lives with conditions that previously would have resulted in euthanasia. Of course, sadly accidents also happens which result in major blood loss. If your dog if between 1 and 8 years old and weighs more than 25kg, you may be able to help by volunteering your dog as a blood donor…Read more

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