Still Feeding Raw?

contaminateed chicken The Guardian reported today that a quarter of 189 samples of chicken bought from seven major supermarket chains were contaminated with antibiotic-resistant E coli bacteria. Whole roasting chickens, diced breast meat and packets of legs, thighs and drumsticks produced ESBL E coli on 22 of 92 samples. In addition, 51% of E coli from pork and poultry samples were resistant to the antibiotic trimethoprim, which is used to treat more than half of lower urinary tract infections in humans. So, in addition to getting food poisoning, you might find that handling raw chicken and pork means that you pick up other drug-resistant infections too.

Even if you do not become ill, you risk infecting other vulnerable people such as those recovering from illness and the immuno-supressed. Oh, and your dog too. Your dog can also spread the bacteria far and wide.

There is ample evidence to suggest that feeding raw provides a poor diet for dogs and can cause significant harm to dogs and humans.

Why risk it?

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