Network Rail Take The Safety Lead

Still from Take the Lead) Network Rail has teamed up with the Dogs Trust to produce a hard hitting video in an attempt to prevent injuries and fatalities on the rail network.

Those who thought that the infamous “Fenton” video was funny should learn a salutary lesson. Network Rail, the company that is responsible for track and rail infrastructure, state that between April 1st, 2010 and March 31st, 2015 there were 181 recorded near misses where train drivers have had to apply their brake and narrowly avoided a collision with a person and a dog.


Think about it.

That’s the average attendance at a small dog show narrowly avoiding being injured or killed every five years.

In the same period, there were five fatalities of people who were with a dog at the time of the collision.

Imagine if the five people in line for Best in Show at the same event were killed every five years.

Full details are available here.

Take care, train and re-inforce recall and if in doubt, clip on a lead or a long line.

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