Good News and Bad News

Dicken medal The news that Diesel, the seven year old Malinois that was killed in the appalling attacks in St Denis, Paris in November, is to receive the PDSA Dicken medal is wonderful. Like all service animals, he had no choice about the job that he was required to do. Russia has shown solidarity by sending a replacement puppy, Dobrynia for training.

The bad news is that a man has drowned off Portmellon, Cornwall trying to save his dog who got into trouble when swimming in the sea. At the time of writing, there is no news of the dog. However tempting, it is almost always an error to try and help a swimming dog in difficulties. Often the dog will manage to get to shore and the human will not. One local newspaper reported that the man had in fact gone in after a ball and not the dog.

Check conditions and never let your dog swim unless you are sure that the tide, winds and currents are favourable and that there is nothing in freshwater that can trap or otherwise hurt your dog. You can always attach a long line to your dog’s collar. Most of all, never go in after your dog – call the coastguard. The sea is dangerous; respect it.

Breaking news is that a Preston man has been killed by his own dog. At time of writing, no details are available but it isn’t hard to guess the circumstances. The dog has been euthanised.

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