Dog Walkers Injured By Cattle

Two  dog wakers have been injured by cattle within days of each other at the end of May, one in Warwickshire, the other in Dorset. It is vital that dog owners keep their dogs under control (on a lead) near livestock and pick up after them, not only for our own and our dog’s safety, by so that we can expect reasonable access to the countryside.

Livestock can be dangerous, especially with young a foot. Your dog can also transmit neosporosis to cattle and sarcocystosis to sheep. Worm your dog regularly with a veterinary wormer. Accustom your dog to being calm around livestock -country shows are a ghood place to do this safely. Avoid walking through pasture with livestock if at all possible. It is better to take a detour than to have an accident, even if you think that have right of way. You can always report a restriction later. Stay quiet and calm around livestock.

If you are charged by cattle DROP YOUR LEAD and seek safety as calmly as possible.

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