Idiot of the Month

dog-and-scooter This month’s award really does make me wonder what goes through some people’s heads when they own dogs. I was leaving the park after a good, four hour session on Saturday morning and I encountered two, apparently unaccompanied, children on scooters at the top of an underpass on the A4. One of the children was holding a small terrier-type dog on a long lead. It immediately lunged at my dog, snapping and barking, and the kid would have frozen excpet it was struggling with controlling the scotter on the slope.

I extricated myself and headed towards the alley leading off the main road where I saw a woman, evidently the one “in charge” of the two kids, sauntering along without a care in the world.

Where does one begin?

Why on earth were the kids allowed to take a reactive dog, unsupervised on a major road whilst riding scooters? Why were they allowed to take any dog for that matter? Why were they left unsupervised on scooters by a major road? Why wasn’t the dog socialised?

Why, oh why can we not do something about legislating to educate people before they buy a dog?

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