Remember The Dogs of War


August 4th, 2014

Dogs of War Vigil

Our first event was part of the LIGHTSOUT 14-18 NOW campaign commemorating the Great War.

Approximately 50 dogs and owners gathered round our local war memorial on the centenary of the outbreak of war to remember the dogs and their handlers who participated on the battlefields and on the home front.

Dogs of War Vigil1

It is estimated that by 1918, approximately 53,000 dogs had been used in the war by Britain, Germany, France,Belgium and Italy with a few being used by America for specific missions.

Medium-sized dogs were preferred with Doberman Pinscher’s, Airedales and German Shepherds the most prevalent. Terriers, were also welcomed as ratters in the trenchesand dogs were employed as sentries, scouts, casualty dogs (equipped with medical supplies), explosive detectors and mascots.


Many of course were also kept as pets and accompanied cats, goats and monkeys in trenches and on board ships.

Dogs were important on the domestic front and shared the privations of food shortages and Zeppelin raids as well as being a comfort to many bereaved owners as the appalling casulaties continued to mount.


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