Chiswick Fun Dog Day in Pictures

Affenpinscher Akitas 1 Amy and Rusty Andy Pease baiting retriever Barney bis and rbis companion BIS companion and judges bis companion line up Caroline and Vadim child handler Cockerpoo pup Collie 2 Collie corgi2 Dayna Dillon find the duck 1 Dillon invesitagates the squeak Dillon spots the mouse Dillon temptation alley 2 Dillon temptation alley 3 Dillon temptation alley 5 Dillon temptation alley dog drinking fancy dress 1 fancy dress 2 fancy dress 5 fif barney1 fifi and barney 2 final line up fox terrier French bulldog ice cream man ice cream in the ring Judges - concentrating! judges judging 1 judging 2 MJ 1 Pat pedigree bis 2 Pedigree RBIS pirate rbis companion 3 rbis companion rbis companion2 resisting Halti ringside 2 ringside 4 Ringside conference rosettes and collie waiting for class 3 watching class 2 watching class 4 watching class Westies WHW winning Westies

3 Replies to “Chiswick Fun Dog Day in Pictures”

  1. Steve Carpenter

    Dear Charlotte

    Thank you for taking the time, and putting in so much effort, to organise the show. Harry and I had a great time and the show gave us an excuse for a memorable day out in Chiswick visiting family we see too rarely. We had a very enjoyable day because of you.

    With best wishes


  2. Mary Joy Langdon

    Thank you Charlotte and your team for all the effort that went into the dog show.
    Bambi and I had a fun day out which is what it is all about.
    We look forward to other local dog events!
    Best wishes
    Mary Joy & Bambi

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