Campaigns for Welfare



Veterinary Health

Born To Suffer – RSPCA campaign against severe brachycephalic breeds

Breed To Breathe – BVA campaign

Rational Veterinary Medicine

Dog Wardens
Contacts for dog wardens in England


The Barry Foundation – dedicated to breeding healthy St Bernards

International Campaign to Prevent Boxer Juvenile Kidney Disease

Brachycephalic Breeds
Cambridge Veterinary School Brachycephalic obstructed airway syndrome (BOAS) research – looking for assistance from owners with unaffected dogs.

Bulldog Health (UC Davies)
e-mail supporting evidence of healthy bulldogs.

British Veterinary Association Dog Breeding Campaign

Cavalier Spaniel Health

Cavalier Campaign

Campaign to Stop the KC Registerin​g Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies unless their parents are MRI scanned and heart tested

Centre for Animals and Social Justice”

Chance Pixies Rescue Welfare Campaigns

Dog Breeding Reform Group

End Backstreet Breeding – Battersea Cats and Dogs Home Campaign

Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme

Kennel Club Novice Breeder Checklist

Pedigree Dogs Exposed Blog

Pet Health Information

Anti-Puppy Farming Campaigns

Cariad Campaign

Pup Aid Campaign

No To Dog Meat Campaign


Smokey Paws – campaign for pet smoke masks

Campaign for Labelling Poisonous Plants and Seeds

Mandatory use of silent fireworks

Ban Shock Collars

Make leaving dogs in hot cars a specific motoring offence

Missing Dogs

Dog Lost

Pet Theft Awareness

The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance

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