Blood, Treats and Cheers

Friday, June 14th is World Blood Donor Day. Nearly half a million people in the UK have registered as blood donors, but, less commonly known, so have 6,000 dogs. The humans represent approximately 3% of the population, but dogs are lagging behind with less than 1% of the UK canine population registered.

Why not help to boost the numbers and celebrate by registering your dog as a donor? The Pet Blood Bank UK is run as a voluntary scheme, just like its human equivalent. Your dog can help to save up to four other dog’s lives with each donation in five easy steps. Your dog can make up to six donations per year, potentially helping twenty four others dogs.

You can register any dog that:

  • Has a good temperament
  • Is happy to undergo basic veterinary procedures
  • Is fit and healthy
  • Is between 1 and 8 years of age
  • Weighs more than 25kg
  • Is fully vaccinated
  • Has never travelled abroad
  • Is not taking any medication.

Find out where the nearest participating veterinary practice is or, if you live in the Midlands, you can liaise with the new mobile unit. Alternatively, find out more about the procedure.

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