North ForelandWE BELIEVE THAT:

  • Access to land should be fair
  • Access to off lead areas in parks should be a given and not restricted to dog exercise areas
  • Access to all public transport should be a given
  • Access to shops, hotels, public toilets, cafes, public houses and all similar facilities should not be refused unreasonably, subject to dogs not being allowed in food preparation areas.

The UK, like many other similar countries, is becoming increasingly risk-averse. Actual risks are exaggerated and perceived risks go hand in hand with a fear of legislative recriminations. One of the effects of this is the growth of restrictions on where dogs can accompany their owners and where they can exercise freely, off lead and on.

Access to Land – Towns

The Animal Welfare Act became law in the UK 2006 [1]. One of the main tenets requires owners to enable their pet to exhibit normal behaviour patterns. As far as dogs are concerned, this undoubtedly includes the need to exercise off lead. However, in many areas it is becoming increasingly difficult…. Read more

Access to Land – Countryside and Coast

Access to the countryside has to be seen in the context of the land, not as a playground for urban dwellers, but as somewhere that provides many people with their livelihood and town and country dweller alike with food… Read more

See Campaigns details for campaigns regarding access to land.


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